Interview with Republic TV

Interview with Republic TV

Meet Indian Brands That Are Innovating, Adapting & Evolving Towards ‘Aatmanirbharta’

Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is another resilient Indian brand. The company has worked on leading animation shows like Rick & Morty, Dr. Who & Ninja Turtles. Established in 2009, the company has grown into a family of 400 employees that focus on providing quality animation services. Digitoonz is steadily carving out a place for India as a global leader in the animation industry. To represent Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd was Vikas Kumar, Founder & CEO, Digitoonz.

“I started Digitoonz in 2009 with my classmate & friend Nadeem. At that time, we were a very small company with a workforce of just 4 to 5 people. Most of the companies here are either from E-learning, Corporates, Consultancies, software development, and industries. When we started here in Delhi, it was like finding water in a desert.” says Vikas Kumar, CEO & Founder, Digitoonz.”

He adds, “People laughed at us because it is all about South India, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru when you talk about animation. Delhi isn’t a favourable market to explore animation as the resource available are incredibly scarce. Currently, we are the largest animation studio in India and operate from different parts of the country and globally from the US. We’ve been working on Emmy Award-winning shows with global recognition.”

Brands like Acer & Digitoonz that innovate, adapt & evolve with the changing times are sure to emerge as leaders in the long run. These resilient brands are constantly working to make India a self-reliant nation.

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