Our Values

At Digitoonz, we believe that taking care of our work, our partners, and our family in-house is just as important as taking care of the community that surrounds us and supports us. We are committed to generating a positive impact on the environment, education, and society.

We cherish our partners

When we partner with anyone, they become part of our family. We not only connect with our partners in a professional capacity, we also forge life-long relationships with them. Our primary focus is always providing quality work, but we believe that a good work relationship goes hand in hand with a personal one. When our partners visit us, we welcome them with gusto and celebrate them in every way we can. From creating the longest human chain in honour of their welcome to sharing our culture and customs with them, we engage with them on a deeper, personal level.


We support our workforce

We always look after each and every in-house team member by making sure that they are well provided for in case they need any help or assistance. We ensure that all of them are constantly growing professionally. We connect with them and support them through any personal struggles they may have. From medical assistance to lodging, we try to provide for and add value to our people in their hour of need. We in turn are supported by our team as they give us the best of their abilities and talents.

We care about education

We constantly educate and grow our work-force in our areas of expertise and we also participate in providing education to the weaker sections of society through our initiatives. We currently have our own school located in rural Bihar; The Layford International School. Here, we open the doors for the next generation of children to a better future.

We also provide industrial training to teens under the banner of Dikshant Industrial Training Institute. This trains teens from rural areas to have hands-on skills and access career opportunities to become independent and be able to provide for themselves. Recently, Dikshant students were placed in various roles in the leading mobile company Lava through campus placement.

We celebrate our culture

We believe our culture is rich and diverse and we celebrate all occasions with joy. We engage in our customs on special occasions, from organizing prayers to lighting lamps to even blowing the auspicious conch shell to welcome our partners and guests. We invite our international partners to celebrate our customs and festivals with us in the same spirit as we do, making them part of the celebrations.

We care about the environment

Having a positive impact on the environment and protecting nature from harm is something we care deeply about. We have regular tree plantation drives to celebrate new projects and occasions. We involve each and every member of our team to create a larger impact on the environment each time we organize a drive.

We contribute to our community

We believe in serving the community that surrounds and supports us in every way we can. We organize Blood Donation Camps and encourage our team members to participate. We distribute blankets to the needy to protect them from the frigid winter chills. In our attempt to spread education, we are focussed on providing opportunities to those who cannot educate themselves.