Interview with CNBC

Interview with CNBC

An Inspirational Brand Digitoonz is a great example of – Make In India.

Here is the success story of a man that started a business as an individual and turned it into an empire.

Working under someone and earning enough to have a comfortable life was never his aim. He always wanted to do something on his own. Working for years in the education department It gained his interest to do something better for the kids. Observing a better way to conduct business into animation and no core animation companies in North India by that time he initiated a discussion with his friend Nadim (Presently, co-founder of Digitoonz) and started to work towards his dream. In 2009, Digitoonz was a company of 4-5 teammates. Fortunately, all were passionate and dedicated towards the company. All worked hard to make their dream come true with less facilities. It took time to push the accelerate button as his team did not have a backup with them. All they had was the efforts and honesty. After giving confidence to the first client there was no looking back since then. We feel so grateful that our team strength is increasing in each passing year and it has reached more than 400 artists.

Recalling the story behind choosing the name of the company ‘Digitoonz’ he added – “We were looking for a unique name which signifies what we do. So we came up with an idea that as we make cartoonz digitally why don’t we club it up and become Digitoonz and everybody liked the name in one go.”

Looking back to the journey, he says – “it has been a rollercoaster ride. From working on edutainment content to working on renowned shows & feature films, from working on flash to updating our resources to harmony, from strength of 4-5 to more than 400.”

“The vision for how our company was clear from the very beginning and visible in the choices we made. We wanted to make sure we were working with partners we looked up to and could build long-term relationships with. Along with that, we wanted to make sure we were working on the kind of projects that would build us up as a respectable brand from the very beginning. Our vision led us to tough choices which served us well in the years that followed.”

Looking into what Digitoonz has to offer, they do 2D Animation, Toon Boom Harmony Animation and CGI animation. But what makes Digitoonz a brand different from others is Digitoonz creates what you imagine. Having expertise in developing pre-production to post production services for both – 2D & 3D Animated TV Series, Feature Films. Digitoonz have a high talent pool of animators in all the sections who have successfully completed several series for clients across the globe and they continue to grow with countless work in all departments.

Digitoonz aims to provide nonpareil services to its customers and become the most sought after Animation Company in India. Every client wants timely delivery, quality of work and being prompt for their service studio. Their team has outperformed in these sections by their honesty or transparency. All the production managers always try to have transparent communication with clients. It is without question that honesty in business will help to maximise your company’s potential. We live in an age where information travels extremely fast. Even before the internet, word of mouth has always been one of the strongest marketing tools. Your level of honesty in business will be quickly portrayed online so you want to make sure your integrity shines through for every customer.

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