Atchoo Season 02

2D Animated series 52 x 10 min

Atchoo! centers on Teo, a nine-year-old boy with a curious bodily reaction: he turns into an animal every time he sneezes. Following 204 sneezes turning him into more than 156 animals, Teo is back with some hilarious new adventures. And there’s more surprises in store. Peter, Teo’s gluttonous friend with a chicken phobia, has decided: no more constant snacking, or record-breaking lollipops. To find a new activity to absorb all his attention, Peter will be constantly attempting a new hobby in every episode, with hilariously unexpected results. The biggest new development are Teo’s new neighbors, the Plummers: Barbara, a remarkably unattractive, possessive and totally unpredictable seven-year-old girl, who falls in love with Teo; and Berto, her Bear Grylls-type father.