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Misha, the Purple Cat

Preschool TV series.
Misha is a very lively, alert cat. She is very interested in investigating everything going on around her, which means she has some very entertaining adventures with her friends. Many things can happen in Misha’s world; especially exciting adventures, mysterious investigations, hilarious competitions… All with a feeling of close friendships.

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Season 1

Season 2

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Season 3


Wild Weeds

Green Fingers presents, “Wild Weeds” a fun and exciting environmental series for a 3-5 years pre-school audience. Though the Weeds have learnt the wonders of re-cycling Humans haven’t; Young children will instinctively warm to the busy little Weeds who thoughtfully tidy up after wasteful Humans who arc in danger of drowning in their own plastic! In order to redress this dire scenario, even if it is only in the tiniest way, the Weeds in their own miniature re-cycling yard do the best to restore amends arid save the world they love so passionately.

In Development


Our stories show real life experiences from the perspective of simple and definitely out-of-the-ordinary guys, with whom our core target can easily identify with.

The introduction of real celebrities and real venues into our cartoons gives our animated series an authentic and real life touch.

In Development

We feel so proud that our project got several awards:
  • New York Film Awards (Aug 10, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION
  • Top Shorts Film Festival (Aug 29, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION
  • Independent Shorts Awards LA (Aug 8, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION SHORT SILVER AWARDS
  • Los Angeles Film Awards (Sep 2, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION
  • Gold Movie Awards London (Sep 10, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION
  • Oniros Film Awards (Sep 14, 2018) / HONORABLE MENTION
  • Best Shorts Competition (Sep 18, 2018) / AWARD OF MERIT – SPECIAL MENTION
  • Boobs and Blood LA (Oct 5-7, 2018) / HONORABLE MENTION
  • Hollywood Int.l Moving Pictures Film Festival (Oct 5, 2018) / BEST ANIMATION SHORT
  • Other Venice Film Festival (Oct 5-7, 2018) / MOST EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL SHORT

Pran’s Pinki

Pinki (Hindi: पिंकी) a comics series of a five-year-old girl. The Character of Pinki was created by Cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma in year 1978. The comic is distributed in 10 languages. Pinki is often seen with her pet squirrel named Kut-Kut. The other notable characters in this comic are her neighbor Jhapatji, her friends Bhiku and Champu. This series is being co-produced by Digitoonz and Pran

In Development


The Petal People™ Children’s books are a world of flowers and plants. Aimed at children aged from four to eight years, these stories teach young readers to appreciate all the flowers in the garden. From Susie Sunflower and Theodore Thistle to Doris Daisy and their friends, they will enchant and educate developing minds.

In Development